Reclaimed Brick

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The Best Reclaimed Brick in Memphis

Chip and JoJo fans, rejoice! Christie Cut Stone offers reclaimed brick for all of your DIY projects, renovations, updates, and more. If you’re a builder or designer looking for a vintage feel without sacrificing durability, rest assured our selection of reclaimed brick can be used with new mortar to create durable, long-lasting walls, pathways, and other fixtures.


Advantages of Using Reclaimed Brick

1. Reclaimed brick has a story.

We appreciate reclaimed wood, brick, and other materials for the same reason we appreciate antique things of any type - it has a story to tell. Reclaimed brick can be salvaged from historic buildings, structures located in the heart of Main Streets across the nation, and from homes and offices that were used decades ago. Reclaimed brick offers character and charm along with an authentic aged aesthetic, and it’s no wonder so many people choose it for DIY projects like accent walls, flooring, and more.

2. Reclaimed brick has an aged appearance.

While today’s brick manufacturers have mastered the art of creating new bricks that appear aged, there’s no denying that brick does have a beautiful vintage appearance that simply can’t be beat. If you’re creating a unique piece, such as an accent wall for your industrial-inspired home office, what better way to create a warm and inviting space than to use real reclaimed bricks.


5 Creative Ways to Use Reclaimed Brick

With reclaimed brick, your design options are endless. Whether you’re tackling a DIY project or a full-scale room or whole-home renovation, reclaimed brick offers a unique appeal. Here are a few ways we’ve used reclaimed brick:

1. Reclaimed Brick Accent Walls

Reclaimed brick accent walls look stunning in nurseries, home offices, corporate offices, dining rooms, kitchens, and other spaces. Reclaimed brick has an aged appearance, which is great for masculine, industrial-inspired spaces or in kitchens and other cooking areas that inspire Old World design.

2. Reclaimed Brick Waterfalls

Looking for a way to add a unique fixture to your pool or backyard landscaping? Reclaimed brick is a great option for waterfalls, because it looks and feels authentically aged. 

3. Reclaimed Brick Walkways and Garden Paths

Using reclaimed brick in your garden walkways or as edging for your walkways and flowerbeds creates charm and character while still serving a functional purpose. The use of reclaimed brick or newly created rumbled brick can add a rustic element to any landscaping design project.

4. Reclaimed Brick Flower Planters

Reclaimed brick planters for succulents and cacti are all the rage, and we are on board with this trend. We’ve even seen the use of reclaimed brick to create privacy walls that can be utilized as planters for ivy, moss, herbs, and other organic material.

5. Reclaimed Brick Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

If your home is vintage and you want your exterior structures to have the same authentic feel, reclaimed brick can be used to create outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and fire pits so that the aged brick of your home doesn’t clash with a new brick style.