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Benefits of Using Residential Limestone in Memphis

Limestone is a durable, aesthetically pleasing material that offers a high-end, elegant appearance to any home. Limestone can be used in the construction or renovation of a home’s facade, as flooring, for walls, and more. For Memphis residents in particular, limestone can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

1. Limestone is better suited for preventing earthquake damage than brick or concrete. 

Limestone is more durable and can withstand more energy than brick or concrete. While not quite as able to withstand earthquake damage, as steel, limestone offers the safest material for homes to withstand and earthquake while not sacrificing a traditional appearance.

2. Limestone is elegant yet traditional.

Limestone is simply more elegant than brick or siding, and whether your home is a new construction or you’re making updates, a limestone facade can truly transform your home from drab to fab. For Old World inspired architectural features, limestone can bring to life the vintage or royal charm you’re hoping to achieve.

3. Limestone is more cost effective than traditional stone.

If you’re hoping to achieve a unique or elegant appearance with your home’s exterior or interior, limestone offers an affordable alternative to solid stone while still maintaining a the aesthetic of natural material.

Where to Buy Limestone in Memphis

Christie Cut Stone offers a variety of limestone for both residential and commercial needs? Stop by one of our showrooms in Memphis or Jackson, TN today, or schedule a free on-site visit to have one of our expert consultants recommend the right materials for the right project.

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