Ragland Clay

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Ragland Clay Brick

A combination of tried and true methods and innovative technology are what make Ragland Clay one of the premier producers of brick and brick pavers in the industry. Their motto “Brick with Character” is true to its name, with hundreds of unique styles, textures, tones, and shapes available. Ragland Clay offers a variety of brick types to suit every project, including:





antebellum brickAntebellum Brick Series

Through the process known as vitrification, antebellum brick, or mud brick, is created by fusing wet sand and shale. Adding mud to the firing process provides a more durable result that creates a stronger bond in the material. As a result, antebellum brick is a popular option among residential and commercial builders seeking a long-lasting, weather-resistant material. Just a few of the Ragland Clay antebellum brick options include:

  • Heritage Blend
  • Memphis Blend
  • Montrose
  • Old Hickory
  • Old Savannah
  • Old South



Ragland Clay BrickResidential Brick Series

Christie Cut Stone offers Ragland Clay’s line of residential brick which includes traditional brick color palettes as well as more muted, neutral tones for modern architectural styles. Choose from a variety of tones, including reds, grays, and more, including:

  • Concord
  • Fern Creek
  • Flashed Allentowne
  • Fort Conde
  • Fort Jackson
  • Orleans Blend
  • Ragland Antique
  • Tensaw



architectural brickArchitectural Brick Series

Each of Ragland Clay’s line of architectural bricks are available in three distinct textures: red, full range, and flashed. 

  • Red: No flash reduction firing
  • Full Range: Partial flash reduction firing
  • Flashed: Full flash reduction firing

With nine distinct options to choose from, Ragland Clay’s architectural line features bricks that are unique and ideal for brick signage, commercial construction, and more. Various scoring options are also available.



clinker brickClinker Brick Series

Ragland Clay is one of the few brick producers who still produce the traditional style of brick known as clinker brick. Clinker bricks are partially vitrified bricks which offer a unique shiny coating and blackened appearance. 

Clinker bricks may also be intentionally chipped or cracked for appearances and are ideal for chimneys, walkways, and other architectural features that are intended to look aged. The Ragland Clay clinker series includes:

  • Olde Birmingham Clinker
  • English Clinker
  • Old Charleston Clinker
  • Blue Bayou Clinker
  • Red Mountain Clinker
  • Village Clinker
  • Solid Chamfered Clinker



Alabama Romans brickAlabama Romans Brick Series

Ragland Clay’s Alabama Romans series offers four distinct old world styles in various tones. This thinner style of brick is ideal for walkways, brick floors, and interior accent walls for a unique appearance without the expense and time investment of traditional brick installation.

In addition to a unique appearance, this linear brick also offers the same durability and low maintenance finish you’d expect from traditional brick. Linear bricks also offer more opportunities to create 90 degree angles near corners, windows, doors, and other architectural elements.



Ragland Clay Think BrickThin Brick

Want the appearance of brick without the investment? Any of Ragland Clay’s bricks can be customized for a thinner finish that is both cost effective and visually appealing. Thin brick doesn’t require a foundation brick ledge or lentils, and its lightweight yet durable composition makes it easy to update down the road.

Plus, thin brick is easily installed year-round, and it can be easily used with other materials like siding. Christie Cut Stone offers multiple thin brick options from Ragland Clay, including:

  • Modular thin brick
  • Queen thin brick
  • Engineer thin brick
  • Modular thin corner brick
  • Queen thin corner brick
  • Engineer thin corner brick
  • Split pavers
  • Thin pavers



Ragland Clay PaversPavers

Christie Cut Stone offers Ragland Clay’s line of pavers which are ideal for both residential and commercial brick flooring as well as for walkways, garden paths, patios, and street paving. Choose from four sizes: 

  • Thin paver: 7 5/8” x 5/8” x 3 13/16”
  • Split paver: 75/8” x 1 1/16” x 3 13/16”
  • Paver: 75/8” x 2 1/4” x 3 13/16”
  • Heavy vehicular paver: 75/8” x 2 3/4” x 3 13/16”