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Memphis Porch Design and Installation

The porch is one of the first things you see when you arrive at a house. If designed well, it can be one of the most inviting and warm aspects of your home. A porch can add functionality to the outdoor space of your home and even increase its value. Christie Cut Stone has years of experience creating the perfect front porches for our clients — from visualization and design to build and installation.

Types of Porches

There are a number of different kinds of porches you can choose to build onto your house, such as:

  • Covered porch
    • A covered porch has some sort of roof or structural element serving as a cover to the porch. It is usually open, with lots of windows.
  • Wraparound porch
    • This is a design usually seen with older homes. The front porch begins at the front of the house and wraps around either one or both sides of the home.
  • Open porch
    • This is the most common kind of porch. It is typically elevated, with steps leading up to it and no walls.
  • Screened-in porch
    • A screened-in porch is very similar to a covered porch, except for that it is screened in on the sides. These are generally used at the back of the house.

Custom Porch Design

Whether you want a huge, wrap-around front porch or a screened-in back porch, Christie Cut Stone can help you from the very beginning. We will meet with you and assess the space you have to work with, so we can effectively give you your wants and needs, while still making the design work within your home. There are also a lot of structural and architectural elements that go into designing your custom porch, so it’s best to leave the details to the professionals. Together, we can create your ultimate outdoor oasis. 

Professional Porch Installation

A porch is an extension of your home, so it needs to be constructed with care. Christie Cut Stone is licensed, insured, and ready to make sure that your high-quality porch is built to last for years to come. We will make your porch dreams come to life using top-end, durable materials. Let us help you to turn your house into the home you’ve always wanted with a new, custom porch.

Ready to Create Your New, Custom Porch?

Christie Cut Stone is the premier brick and stone company in the Midsouth. Visit our showroom in Memphis, Tennessee to see the wide variety of stone and brick materials that we use for both interior and exterior projects. We will be with you every step of the way during the design and build of your new porch. Our expert team members will act as consultants, recommending the best materials to use and helping to create the ultimate outdoor space. Call us today for a free consultation!