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Pine Hall Brick at Christie Cut Stone

Christie Cut Stone is proud to partner with Pine Hall as a Memphis area distributor of their products. Have a question about which brick would be ideal for your project? Let us know! Our design consultants are happy to provide assistance on-site or at one of our showrooms. We carry a wide selection of Pine Hall products ideal for commercial and residential needs. 


>>> Facebrick <<<

Pine Hill’s facebrick is ideal for residential and commercial projects, including exterior and interior designs. Choose from a selection of Pine Hall facebrick at Christie Cut Stone showrooms in Jackson and Memphis, including:


Pine Hall’s Old Brick House Series is inspired by centuries old design traditions and tones. Pine Hall’s Old Brick House Series has been utilized in renovation projects of antebellum homes as well as in new construction projects to create a timeless and traditional appeal. Choose from four unique options inspired by some of America’s first homes:

  • Barker House - a unique blend of brown and gray hues that feels traditional yet timeless
  • Weeks House - an elegant brick with a modern feel that combines white, brown, and gray hues
  • Kennon House - a classic red brick aesthetic with hints of burgundy for a traditional brick appearance
  • Tufts House - a combination of rich red burgundies with gray overlays creates a stunning look


Tumbled brick embodies the essence of brick building material by preserving the natural texture using methods perfected by brickmakers in the 1700s. 

While today’s technology and manufacturing methods make the process of creating tumbled brick much quicker and more convenient, you can still enjoy the authentic appeal of antique tumbled brick with Pine Hall’s Authentic Tumbled Series. Choose from a variety of unique tones, including: 

  • Cape Charles
  • Casa Grande
  • Chesapeake Pearl
  • Old Hampton
  • Old Irvington
  • Old Yorktown
  • Oyster Pearl
  • Rustic Village
  • Southport
  • Stratford Rose


Pine Hall’s Modern Antique Series features vintage-inspired tones and textures that can be used for renovations and new construction projects. 

Choose from a variety of color options incorporating the various hues of red, brown, gray, and white typical of antique homes. The Pine Hall Modern Antique Series includes vintage options with regally-inspired names, including:

  • Ashton Court
  • Beacon Hill
  • Blackmoor
  • Botany Bay
  • Castle Gray
  • French Manor
  • Harbour Shoals
  • Marshton
  • Shadow Creek
  • Villa Chase


Long before modern technology allowed brickmakers to experiment with color and tone, texture was their tool of choice to distinguish elegant brick from traditional varieties. 

Today, textured brick is available in a variety of tones, but texture can also enhance the appearance of any home, commercial space, sign, or other structure through the use of combining various amounts of clay and shale or through the use of tools to create texture before the firing process. PIne Hall offers a selection of textured bricks in a variety of styles. Choose from: 

  • Browns Ferry
  • Cypress Cove
  • Dan River Handicraft
  • Galveston Bay
  • Habersham
  • Millstone
  • Northbridge
  • Sandalwood
  • Sedgefield
  • Spanish Moss
  • Stonington
  • Vienna
  • Weatherwood
  • Winchester Handicraft


Classic brick exteriors are timeless and traditional. Architectural design trends may come and go, but classic brick is here to stay. Brick is weather-proof and able to stand up to wind gusts, including some hurricane and tornado-force winds, and it’s also resistant to mold and rot, unlike siding and other materials. 

If you’re looking for an affordable yet elegant solution for your next project, consider Pine Hall’s Classic Brick Series available at Christie Cut Stone. Choose from: 

  • Burnt Cedar
  • Farmington
  • Liberty Rose
  • Manchester
  • Old Charleston
  • Old Colony Full Range
  • Old Colony Light Range
  • Old Dutch II
  • Plantation Blend
  • Salem Blend
  • Stoney River II
  • Wire Cut Full Range
  • Wire Cut Light Range


For commercial construction projects, you need materials that are reliable, durable, and can withstand wind, weather, and time. Christie Cut Stone offers Pine Hall’s Commercial Series of bricks ideal for exterior walls, retaining walls, signs, and more. Choose from a variety of tones and textures both modern and traditional, including:

  • Leaftex Full Range
  • Old Colony Full Range
  • Old Colony Light Range
  • Spektra Black
  • Spektra Charcoal
  • Spektra Chocolate
  • Spektra Full Range
  • Spektra Light Gray
  • Spektra Oatmeal
  • Spektra Pewter
  • Spektra Red
  • Spektra Scarlet
  • Red Smooth
  • Vertex Full Range
  • Wire Cut Full Range
  • Wire Cut Light Range


>>> Pavers <<<

Pine Hall pavers are durable, won’t fade, hold up to extreme weather, and hold up to strong pressure from vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Pine Hall pavers are ideal for a variety of projects, including:

  • Garden pathways in your backyard
  • As a patio
  • In your driveway
  • As flooring

 From porches and patios to walkways and garden paths, Christie Cut Stone’s selection of Pine Hall paver brick is ideal for projects both residential and commercial in nature, and with a variety of shapes, cuts, finishes, and tones, there’s an option for you. 


The Pine Hall Square Edge Series features traditional wire-cut pavers ideal for walkways and other structures that can benefit from the square cut design. 

From modern light pavers that stand out among mulch and landscaping to traditional burgundy pavers ideal for city parks and roadway crossings, there’s a Pine Hall paver for your next project. Choose from several options, including:

  • Alabaster
  • Courtyard Beale Street
  • Courtyard Brown Flash
  • Courtyard Buff
  • Courtyard Canterra
  • Courtyard Colonial
  • Courtyard Gray
  • Courtyard Harvest
  • Courtyard Java
  • Courtyard Siesta
  • Pathway Autumn
  • Pathway Cocoa Full Range
  • Pathway Full Range
  • Pathway Red
  • Pathway Rose


Pine Hall’s beveled edge pavers provide optimal spacing between bricks for sand joints and interlocking, and they are also available in heavier options which meet heavy vehicle traffic compliance laws. Choose from 14 finishes, including:

  • English Edge Autumn
  • English Edge Burgundy
  • English Edge Cocoa
  • English Edge Dark Accent
  • English Edge Full Range
  • English Edge Ironspot
  • English Edge Red
  • English Edge Rose
  • Georgian Edge Beale Street
  • Georgian Edge Brown Flash
  • Georgian Edge Buff
  • Georgian Edge Colonial Full Range
  • Georgian Edge Colonial Red
  • Georgian Edge Gray


You can enjoy the vintage appearance of tumbled brick without having to rely on decades old materials. Today’s brick manufacturers have mastered the art of creating faux antique brick using techniques designed to create an aged appearance, so you can enjoy the benefits of modern brick, like durability and resistance to weather, without sacrificing style. Pine Hall’s line of antique-inspired brick is available in 22 unique tones:

  • Old Mill
  • Old Mocha
  • Old South
  • Old Tavern
  • Old Town
  • Plymouth Tumbled Modular
  • Rumbled Autumn
  • Rumbled Beale Street
  • Rumbled Bluffs
  • Rumbled Brown Flash
  • Rumbled Canterra
  • Rumbled Cocoa
  • Rumbled Colonial Full Range
  • Rumbled Colonial Main Street
  • Rumbled Colonial Red
  • Rumbled Full Range
  • Rumbled Harvest
  • Rumbled Java
  • Rumbled Main Street
  • Rumbled Red
  • Rumbled Rose
  • Rumbled Siesta

1 ” THIN

Pine Hall’s 1 ⅜” thin pavers are ideal for patios, porches, walkways, and more. Choose from seven unique shade options:

  • Brookstown Full Range 4x8
  • Brookstown Red 4x8
  • Carytown Full Range Modular
  • Harbourtown Full Range 4x8
  • Brookstown Full Range Modular
  • Brookstown Red Modular
  • Harbourtown Full Range Modular


Pine Hall’s traditional wire-cut, square-edge pavers are ideal for a variety of uses, including patios, porches, and even driveways. The modular paver series also complies with requirements for weight and temperature for commercial spaces. Choose from six unique options:

  • Courtyard Colonial Full Range Modular
  • Courtyard Colonial Red Modular
  • Pathway Cocoa Full Range Modular
  • Pathway Full Range Modular
  • Pathway Red Modular
  • Plymouth Tumbled Modular Paver


Permeable paving bricks are created with traditional clay and water but also have a built-in layer of concrete for added durability and strength.

Permeable pavers are intended to be used in outdoor projects such as walkways and patios with joints filled with crushed stone because their design allows rainwater to pass around the pavers rather than through them. Pine Hall offers two permeable brick options:

  • Rumbled StormPave Permeable Pavers
  • StormPave Permeable Pavers 


>>> Paver Tiles <<<

 Love the look of brick accent walls? Want to create brick flooring in your kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout your home? Paver tiles are ideal for these projects because they offer the same great appearance of brick with less width, making them easy to apply to flooring, walls, ceilings, and more.


Pine Hall’s Rumbled Paver Tile Series of antique-inspired bricks offer a unique texture and tone with the durability of a newly made material. Choose from six unique options:

  • Autumn
  • Bluff
  • Cocoa
  • Full Range
  • Java
  • Plymouth


Pine Hall’s Square Edge Paver Tile Series offers clean lines and edges ideal for use with modern tones and textures or traditional-inspired projects. Choose from three unique color options:

  • Courtyard Beale Street
  • Pathway Full Range
  • Pathway Full Range Modular


Pine Hall’s Old School Paver Tile Series is inspired by the rich and elegant hues of the 1920s. Whether you’re updating or restoring a fireplace, chimney, or other historic fixture or creating a unique accent wall or floor, the Old School Series offers a variety of tones to choose from:

  • Capone
  • Chicago
  • Churchill
  • Hemingway
  • Jazz Hall
  • Original
  • Rich Mahogany
  • Speakeasy


>>> Thin Brick <<<

 Thin brick is ideal for accent walls, accent flooring, fireplaces, and more. With thin brick, you can enjoy the appearance of brick while working with a material that is easier to adhere to interior surfaces. Pine Hall’s line of Thin Brick includes:


Pine Hall’s Extruded Thin Brick line offers a variety of modern and traditional color palettes and a thin width product ideal for creating accent walls in nurseries, bathrooms, and more. Or choose a neutral tone for your bathroom, kitchen, or patio spaces. Choose from a variety of color options, including:

  • Browns Ferry
  • Chesapeake Pearl
  • Millstone
  • Old Irvington
  • Old Yorktown
  • Oyster Pearl
  • Paint Grade
  • Wire Cut Full Range


Pine Hall’s line of Traditional Sawcut Thin Bricks are also ideal for DIY projects and interior residential and commercial updates. With modern tones that compliment today’s popular paint colors, there’s a color palette for you. Choose from:

  • Ashton Court
  • Blackmoor
  • Castle Gray
  • French Manor
  • Marshton
  • Villa Chase


Pine Hall’s Old School Paver Tile Series offers a vintage appeal with the durability of newly constructed materials. The Old School Series offers a variety of tones to choose from:

  • Capone
  • Chicago
  • Churchill
  • Hemingway
  • Jazz Hall
  • Original
  • Rich Mahogany
  • Speakeasy