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Custom Patios in Memphis

Whether your yard is home to a quaint herb garden or a party-worthy pool, a custom patio is a great way to enhance your outdoor space. Patios fit in practically any yard, are easy to maintain, and can be designed to fit your ideal budget. Other benefits these outdoor structures provide include:

  • Extended outdoor living

  • Enhanced home style

  • Increased property value

Extended Outdoor Living

One of the biggest benefits of creating a custom patio is that it extends your living space into the great outdoors. From intimate family dinners or neighborhood-wide barbecues, a well-designed outdoor area will allow you to entertain more guests and create memories in beautiful, green spaces. You can even design your patio to include space for an outdoor kitchen,dining area, firepit — the possibilities are endless!

Patios are a great way to extend your home’s interior style to the outdoors. Whether your aesthetic is clean and minimalistic or full of bold colors, Christie Cut Stone can provide you with high-quality materials that will help incorporate your signature style into your custom patio. Some materials that are often used for stylistic purposes when designing a patio include:

These outdoor features also help create cohesiveness within a green space, giving your yard a more elevated look and feel.

Increased Property Value in Memphis

A well-designed and landscaped patio can greatly increase the value of your home, especially in the Memphis area. In fact, enhancing curb appeal can add as much as 14% to your property value! Even if you’re not planning on selling any time soon, building with high-quality materials will give you confidence that your patio is an investment that will pay off down the road. 

Custom Patios for Your Budget

No matter your budget, Christie Cut Stone can help you get the materials you need to build your dream custom patio. While these outdoor structures may seem costly, they’re actually one of the most affordable ways to extend your living space. Some aspects you should take into consideration when deciding the budget for your patio include:

  • Ideal size

  • Desired material

  • Inclusion of other outdoor features

    • If you’re wanting to incorporate a pool or hot tub, custom shapes may need to be factored into the patio design

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