Memphis Masterpiece

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Memphis, TN

Brick and Limestone on House

A Memphis Masterpiece

When you think of a custom home, what do you picture? This home was built with a combination of Old Carolina handmade brick, Limestone Mill-work, and a Kansas building stone. Combining products such as these gives homes a timeless beauty that will make a statement in any market. 

If your home's design aesthetic is vintage, old world, or traditional, you don't have to settle for a bland burgundy brick. Today's brickmakers have the technology and the experience to create new bricks with an aged appearance. Christie Cut Stone offers a variety of unique brick choices that compliment any design style.


Materials Provided

Pine Hall Brick
limestone building
pool and brick wall
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Old World Character Meets Modern Techniques 

This home's architecture lends itself to Old World style, so we chose an antique-inspired, tumbled brick which offers the durability of a newly constructed material with the appearance of a longstanding historic structure.