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Limestone is one of the most durable, reliable, and beautiful materials you can use in construction, and Christie Cut Stone’s limestone selection is no exception. From carved front entries to modern patios, we can enhance your project with the elegance of limestone millwork. Our skilled craftsmen and expert drafting department can help you create the new limestone addition you've been dreaming of. 

Benefits of Using Limestone

Limestone offers a number of advantages for commerical and residential projects in Memphis and the Mid-South. Some of the most common reasons we recommend limestone for particular projects include:


Limestone’s durability makes it one of the most ideal materials for projects that need to withstand significant pressure or weight, such as:

In fact, this stone is so durable that it is often found as one of the most common components of concrete. Limestone is also able to withstand a significant amount of pressure! Due to a combination of durability and strength, it is most commonly used in exterior projects.


Limestone is weather resistant, making it ideal for outdoor spaces like:

This type of stone is also ideal for exterior projects where material may be repeatedly exposed to the elements, like water, heat, and wind, and the climate of the Mid-South.


Limestone is also incredibly beneficial for your soil, which is one of the reasons it’s commonly found in fertilizers. Because limestone is advantageous for your green spaces, we recommend using it ourdoor projects like:

  • Garden walkways

  • Decorative lining for flower beds

  • Retaining/diving walls

 With its nature-friendly composition and natural look, this organic material is one of the best for your outdoor space.

Ready to Start Your Project?

Christie Cut Stone offers a variety of limestone options for your exterior and interior needs. Whether your project is residential or commercial, our team can provide the materials you need to get the job done.




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