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Benefits of Using Commercial Limestone in Memphis

Limestone is one of the most commonly used materials for commercial construction projects across the Mid-South. Here are just a few reasons limestone is such a popular option for designers, builders, and other construction professionals:

1. Limestone is more durable than brick and concrete.

Limestone is more durable than many building materials used today, and in Memphis, where the threat of a severe earthquake resulting from movement of the New Madrid fault line is a very real concern we face, it’s also worth noting that limestone is more likely to withstand earthquake damage than many other materials. 

2. Limestone is often preferred by commercial builders and designers.

Limestone in its natural state is beautiful enough, but when various textures and tones of paint are added, the rich hues can be brought to life. Limestone is a cost-effective yet durable option that can truly be customized for any project, so you can enjoy a finished structure that is both durable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Limestone has a stately appearance.

For government offices, schools, libraries, and other structures that conduct important functions for the community, the interior and exterior of a building can be an important component of the design process. Limestone offers a regal, stately appearance that can create a sense of importance or authority for your organization’s office.

Where to Buy Limestone in Memphis

Christie Cut Stone offers a variety of limestone for both residential and commercial needs? Stop by one of our showrooms in Memphis or Jackson, TN today, or schedule a free on-site visit to have one of our expert consultants recommend the right materials for the right project.

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