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Reclaimed Brick DIY Projects

Reclaimed brick has become all the rage in home design recently — from stunning accent walls to charming fireplaces, everyone is finding new and unique ways to incorporate it into their interior style. If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of reclaimed brick to your space, try one of these DIY projects:

  • Planters

  • Garden bench

  • Side/coffee table

  • Candle holders


Whether you’re planting your favorite flowers or some subtle succulents, reclaimed bricks can make unique and effective planters. Using reclaimed bricks for this project not only will give your planters a unique look and texture, but also provides you with a few different structure options. Three different styles of brick planters you could make include:

  • Raised garden bed

    • These raised garden beds are ideal flowers, ferns, and herb gardens

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  • Hanging planter

    • These space-conscious planters are ideal for small flowers and succulents

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  • Succulent planter

    • Single-brick planters are perfect for all kinds of small succulents

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Garden Bench

There’s no better way to enjoy your outdoor space than with a custom made bench! Because reclaimed bricks are weather resistant and extra durable, they make the perfect material for an outdoor sitting area. Whether you’re wanting to design a simple bench or something that can seat the whole family, reclaimed bricks will give your garden or patio a unique flair. Reclaimed bricks are also a more cost effective option compared to other materials like wood or stone!

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Side/Coffee Table

If you’re looking to add a touch of brick to your porch or patio decor, a side or coffee table is a great DIY option! Durable and less expensive than traditional outdoor tables, a reclaimed brick table will add style and functionality to your outdoor space for years to come. No matter what size space and budget you have to work with, you can design a brick table to fit!

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Candle Holders

Candle holders are great accent or centerpieces for any table, and you can easily make your own! Each reclaimed brick can be used to hold between 2-4 candles, but can be easily customized to hold more depending on how many holes you decide to drill. So, whether you’re planning on using dainty tea lights or elegant candle sticks, this DIY project will be sure to light up your space.

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Find Quality Reclaimed Brick

No matter the project, the team at Christie Cut Stone can provide you with the high-quality reclaimed brick you need. Contact our team todayand start elevating your space all on your own!


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