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4 Reasons Your Home Needs a Waterfall

As the famous pop group, TLC, once said — don’t go chasing waterfalls. However, the team at Christie Cut Stone disagrees.Installing a waterfall in your outdoor space can transform the aesthetic of your home and make your backyard the star of the neighborhood. In this blog, we’ll discuss the following four reasons why your home needs a waterfall:

  • Increases property value

  • Low-maintenance

  • Enhances visual appeal

  • Reduces stress

Increases Property Value

Enhancing your landscape with a waterfall is not only pleasing to the eye, but can actually increase your property value. Potential buyers are always attracted to the aesthetics of outdoor projects like these — in fact, well-planned and maintained landscaping is a feature that can often be a deal-maker for a home. If you ever decide to sell your property, investing in an exterior project like a waterfall will pay off — and then some!


One of the benefits of waterfalls that homeowners always appreciate is how low-maintenance these beautiful features are. The majority of waterfalls are constantly recycling water through pumps, making them easy and stress-free to keep running without increasing your water bill. This circulating water also helps evenly disperse pool chemicals and regulate the temperature of your water!

Enhances Visual Appeal

Whether you’re considering a small, tranquil waterfall or a larger, grand display, these features can easily enhance the visual appeal of your landscaping and bring the aesthetic of your home to your outdoor space. With our wide variety of stone and brick materials, you can create a unique and eye-catching waterfall that will be the focal point of your yard.

Reduces Stress

The addition of a waterfall can turn your yard into your own serene, private oasis. The sound of trickling water relaxes the mind and body, and even has other psychological benefits. Not only does this white noise create a peaceful outdoor space, but it can also help drown out any unwanted noise such as:

  • Loud neighbors

  • Busy roads

  • Trains

  • Barking dogs 

Create Your Waterfall with Christie Cut Stone

Interested in adding a waterfall to your landscape? We can help you create endless options for your water feature with our variety of high-quality construction materials. Contact the team at Christie Cut Stone and get the waterfall you’ve been dreaming of!


Posted by Michael Christie at 11:31