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4 Interior Design Trends of 2020 We Love

4 Interior Design Trends of 2020 We Love

Spending extra time at home means that more and more people are taking on projects to renovate, update, and reinvent their homes and personal outdoor spaces like never before.  Here are some interior design trends that we absolutely love.

Outdoor Kitchens & Entertainment Centers

Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ

Summer is the season for grilling and being outdoors!  But an outdoor kitchen or entertainment center makes enjoying some fresh air and freshly cooked food possible all year round!  We love this trend because it can be done on just about any scale, and fits a variety of budgets.

We recommend using stone and other natural materials so that you can bring your family and friends into a space that doesn’t disrupt the natural beauty of your backyard.  And the possibilities are practically endless.  Stone comes in such a wide variety of colors, that no matter what appliance you choose to install, you’re sure the find the perfect match for your design.

Materials like granite and brick are excellent for this kind of application because of their natural fire-resistant characteristics.  A beautiful outdoor brick oven can take the heat that most indoor ovens can’t, which makes it ideal for cooking pizza, barbecue, and other foods that benefit from a direct flame.  Brick ovens, especially the wood-burning sort, impart a smokiness that is hard to replicate with a grill.  And did we mention that it won’t fill your house with smoke?

Firepits and sitting areas are a wonderful way to extend your living space, regardless of the season.  Whether it’s cocktails with friends on a balmy summer evening or hot cocoa with the family during the winter, adding a stylish outdoor area adds value and cozy comfort to your home.

Brick Accent Walls

If you don’t have a lot of room to build an outdoor space, or simply enjoy the great indoors, a brick accent wall is a simple, inexpensive way to update your favorite rooms.  Bringing the outdoors inside isn’t a new concept, but it’s a hot trend in 2020!Brick Accent Wall

Brick interior walls have been popular in large cities that have been remodeling older buildings into living or office spaces for many years.  But you don’t have to live in a refurbished loft in the middle of the Big Apple to get that boho chic atmosphere.  In fact, a brick accent wall is a perfect way to modernize an outdated kitchen, sitting room, or even bedroom.

The best part about this trend is that it can easily be done on a budget, and doesn’t require tearing down walls.  With the help of brick veneer, even the most inexperienced of DIYers can knock this project out over just a few days.  Brick veneer comes in a wide array of colors.  If you’re not after that traditional red brick look, choose something pastel to give your kitchen or family room that farmhouse cottage makeover you’ve always dreamed of.

Even your fireplace would appreciate a little bit of a facelift.  Bricks are a quick way to upgrade the face of your hearth and create cozy warmth for the whole family to enjoy.

Brick Floors

If your floors are hurting for a makeover, then brick is the way to go.  This sturdy building material is traditionally used for walls or as pavers, but bringing this look inside has a number of benefits from traditional flooring options.


First and foremost, bricks are extremely durable.  They can withstand a lot of foot traffic, which is why they’re so popular for sidewalks and streets.  They hold up against blunt impact, spills, and, of course, weathering.

Choosing brick over other types of flooring means that you’re less likely to need to replace sections of your floor due to gapping or warping.  They work wonderfully in humid environments or spaces that see a lot of use like kitchens or even bathrooms.

Fire resistant

Bricks are almost entirely fireproof.  They start their lives inside of a kiln at thousands of degrees, which makes them extraordinarily resistant to high heat or fire damage.  In the unfortunate event of a fire, brick floors come through the other side mostly undamaged (though they mas discolor).  Additionally, bricks can slow the spread of fire from one area a house to another, giving your family and the fire department time to respond


pile of bricks

Have we mentioned that bricks are a sustainable building material?  Bricks are made of clay, sand, and other natural materials, and don’t undergo any chemical processing during production.  They’re so durable that they can be re-used and upcycled into other projects reducing their footprint greatly in comparison to other building materials.

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And that brings us to our final argument for bricks as flooring.  Because of their versatility, they can be molded into just about any shape imaginable.  Bricks come in various sizes and even colors.  Considering how customizable bricks are, finding the right shade and look for your home project is a breeze.

Stone Showers

Did you know, in our lifetime, we’ll spend over a year in our bathrooms?  If there was ever an argument for an upgrade, we think that takes the cake!  When it comes to bathrooms, stone showers offer a sleek, modern alternative to a standard tub.  Stone looks lovely on walls, ceilings, and floors, and can even open up your bathroom design by carrying over into the rest of the space.  Common types of stone include slate tile, marble, and even granite, adding elegance and sophistication for a truly pampered experience.

While using stone in shower requires a little bit of extra upkeep, we think you’ll agree that the results are well worth it.  Choosing the right stone for the job will ensure you get to enjoy your beautiful new spa-like bathroom for years to come.

Posted by Michael Christie at 9:30 AM